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New sailing events in Sardinia

Geplaatst 23 feb. 2013 02:05 door Erick Veldhuis   [ 23 feb. 2013 02:22 bijgewerkt ]
Happy Crew Sailing Events Sardinia

SCHEVENINGEN - We fell so in love with Southern Sardinia that we have decided to organise another set of sailing events in October this year. When it gets chilly and the autumn leaves fly around our hats in Northern Europe this is your best antidote agains stress and low spirits with pleasant weather and sea temperatures still around in Southern Sardinia. Good reason to book cheap tickets and come along.

The first trip is from wednesday October 16 till Saturday 19, leaving early in the morning, having a few fab sailing days and being back home on Saturday night. Additionally, there is another set of 4 days sailing days starting on Saturdaynight the 19th and flying home Thursdaymorning 24 October, so to say the extended version also to be booked in combination. You will be surprised what an effect only a short sailing holiday as this one has on the moral. Swimming, sailing, snorkling, endearing italian hospitality, fine foods and good company comprise the service station af a good life, isn't it so?