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New sailing event in Sardinia

Geplaatst 19 feb. 2013 11:18 door Erick Veldhuis
Happy Crew - NEW Sailing Event in Sardinia
SCHEVENINGEN Today we have launched a new sailing location and a new event starting April 20. We think this going to be a very interesting proposition for many sail addicts. Just four days of fabulous sailing in Southern Sardinia right in the start of the season.
Your big-bang out of the winter right into the summer beats the price of any sailing or skiing holiday. If you can afford yourself a small sailing treat this is the one 'not to miss'. 

Saturday April 20th at the end of the day you will fly into Cagliari, South Sardinia, where we get right on the yacht. We will do some fabulous sailing four days long and and enjoy the magnificent South Sardinian coast, unmet hospitality and great food. Read more of this little holiday here.