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Crew wanted for Tortola > Horta in May

Geplaatst 16 feb. 2013 05:16 door Erick Veldhuis   [ 25 feb. 2013 13:07 bijgewerkt ]
CLOSED This is the chance of a lifetime. A yacht owner has asked us for 2 crewmembers to join in the ARC rally -which is a cruise - from Tortola via Bermuda to Horta. 

The yacht is an ex-Admiralscupper and a bit 'spartan' inside as the owner puts it but compensates the lack of comfort in increased sailing joy and experience. This trip will take about the whole month of May 13. Tickets are payed by crew -about EU 1.000 to BVI and EU 300 from Horta  - but once on board it will be the owners treat. Read more and fill in our crewfinders form if you are interested.