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Happy sailors join Happy Crew on a yacht deliveries!

Happy sailors in the middle of their nautical career can join us to gain more experience. Make miles on deliveries and improve along the way. If you want to get involved in the deliveries of sail and motor yachts please follow the link on the right. You will be the first to know. 

You may also send your sailresume including a copy of your highest qualification to and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. If you do not have a sailresume you can use the model/document provided below. 

Joining fees vary from €10 to € 80 a day depending on how we have contracted deliveries. On top of that we share in the cost for food and meals and provide our own transportation to and from ports. Conditions may vary per delivery. Never the less, there is no cheaper way of having a fab sailing holiday or cruise offshore. Check the table below.
With regard to deliveries people ask us many questions. A (Dutch) FAQ list can be found on the right. Call Erick +31 6 25 190120 if you have any questions.
Erick Veldhuis,
10 feb. 2012 06:04