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Crew finder

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Holiday/Passage/Racing Crew

As a yacht owner and/or skipper you know how hard it is to find the right folks for a passage on the ever incalculable sea. Quite sure we might help you out with some happy crew with offshore experience for a safe and comfortable trip. You will be surpised how easy that is. 

Just fill out our Crewfinder search form and we will provide you a set of interesting candidates from which you can choose.

Fees 2016

  • Announcement fee € 49,- (which makes your crew search public)
  • Onetime succes searchfee per crewmember € 125,- per week only if you choose the candidate)
  • Onetime succesfee per skipper-captain € 350 per week (on request).

Professional Yacht Crew

With our extensive network and experience in the yachting industry we can find you the most suitable crew for a competitive fee. 

Fees 2016

  • Searchfee per crewmember: 1 month salary. Giving you at least 2 candidates to choose from.
  • Onetime succesfee per crewmember: 1 month salary.
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