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Yacht Delivery

Let us take care of your Yacht!
Your yacht in better hands!
No time to bring your yacht to your destination? Need professional assistance with the maiden trip? There are many reasons for gearing up Happy Crew Delivery like saving your time, explore new holiday destinations, exploit our expertise or to get your yacht wherever you want, quick and safe. To ensure this swi
ft and safe delivery Happy Crew forms the right team to do the job. Find out why owners can not get a better delivery team. Read here what others say about us.
Eight ways to benefit from our expertise.

1. Qualified and experienced crew only. And no less! Our skippers and crew are experienced sailors and have proven their abilities in the RYA/MCA or Dutch CWO scheme. This ensures that they will be thorough in their preparation and prudent in their decision making. If called for they are good instructors indeed and help you become more confident with your boat. 

2. Your yacht will be thoroughly checked on safety. The devil is in the detail! Happily, in many cases we have prevented greater damages with just purchased yachts which had unchecked defects in them. Much of this experience we have available in checklists that we run before leaving any dock. Of course this takes time but it is definitely worth it. This means that you and your crew will obviously feel safer on board once we have checked everything. As a brand new boat owner of a Najad 40 put it: "yacht manufacturers should make it standard that you join every maiden voyage". 

3. Range expansion and more time for your holiday. Make more of your holiday! Most professionals have only a fixed amount of time for their long wanted holiday. A Happy Crew delivery enables you and your family to spend more time at the holiday destination. Accordingly the range of your holiday sailing area expands. Now more interesting destinations come within reach. From Holland (or any other place) we bring yachts to holiday destinations in Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain and the Baltic. Pleasant transfer points to start your holiday are:
      • Göteborg for the Westcoast of Sweden (flight transfer)
      • Oslo for the Skagerag and South Norway (flight transfer) 
      • Haugesund for the Norwegian fjords (flight transfer)
      • Southampton/Brighton for English channel (flight/car transfer)
      • Cherbourg for the Channel Islands and Brittanny  (car transfer)
      • Cork for South West region of Ireland (flight transfer)
      • Kiel for Rügen, Denmark or Baltic (car transfer)
4. Small repairs will be fixed. Our skippers and crew have a wealth of experience including boat repairs. For many small boat repairs flying in expensive professionals is not needed. This might save you greatly on cost of repairs.

5. Transparant pricing. Offshore sailing is serious business but it is no voodoo either. We offer a transparent pricing structure and charge a fixed price for any delivery agreed upon in advance. There are no surprises or hidden costs. 

6. We can help you fill in the numbers. When you do not have the right number of crew at hand for the planned trip we can easily supply you with experienced sailors who know their way around any boat. Just let us know what you wish for. 

7. You save on navigation and safety equipment. As we have a stock of navigation and safety equipment of our own you might be able to save on needed equipment for the delivery. We are happy to share what we have if this saves you money. Please check with us what charts and equipment we dispose of.

8. We leave breadcrumbs -  so you can follow your yacht. Last but not least, owners have felt very involved because we enable them to follow us through our satellite messenger tracker. This means you will feel comfortable, know exactly where we are and when we arrive. Just click on Happy Crew Bread Crumbs on the top right bar.

"You can trust us to do an outstanding job!"

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If you would like to know more about our services please call Erick Veldhuis +31 625 190 120 for more information or send an email to e.veldhuis@actiepunt.com.

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For a quotation give us a call +31 625 190 120 or fill in the quotation form below (in Dutch is fine too).

Only experienced and qualified skippers and crew
Experienced and qualified 
skippers and crew

Your yacht will be thoroughly checked
The devil is in the detail!
Your yacht will be thoroughly checked

Our skippers know their boat and how to fix small repairs
We take care of your yacht 
and fix small repairs

Satellite Messaging and tracking
We use satellite messenger and tracking so 
you know where we are and when we arrive.

Erick's Nautical qualifications:
- RYA/MCA Yachtmaster (Chief) Instructor Sail (Commercially endorsed to Yachts up to 200gt)
- RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Power
- RYA Powerboat instructor 
- CWO Chief-Instructor Offshore Sailing
- +50.000 Nm offshore sailing experience